Photography Policy

January 1st, 2018

Professional Photography is not allowed on the Trail Dust Town property without prior written approval from our Corporate Office. We consider Professional Photography to be any images created for financial or personal gain in a photographer/client relationship. A list below offers examples of what will appear to be a professional photography session. We will ask any unauthorized photographers to take their session and client(s) to a different venue. Please keep in mind while considering this policy that Trail Dust Town is private property.

If you are interested in having professional portraits taken on the property, please contact Silhouette Photography at 520.886.1710 or visit them at If you would prefer “Old West” sepia tone portraits, please contact Barking Iron Photography at 520.722.4015 or visit them at

Occasionally, we will open the calendar up to commercial shoots at an hourly rate. If you would like more information regarding this policy, please contact our office at (520) 296-4551 ext 1 or e-mail us at

It can be difficult to distinguish professional sessions from amateurs, so to that end, our security team uses the following guidelines to determine which groups to approach. Professional photographers will often:

  • Stay separated from the subjects of the images (not posing with the subjects or swapping places)
  • Be compensated for their services financially or in trade
  • Carry multiple cameras and/or lenses, use special lighting equipment, or carry additional specialty gear
  • Have an assistant aid with posing and equipment
  • Ask the subjects of their images to change clothes and locations multiple times